What price will you pay?

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Chajay Wise is an amazing woman who is passionate about helping women embrace their role as a mom and wife with integrity and creativity.  She is the mother to 4 beautiful children and is married to her college sweetheart, Darius. The couple has been married 10 years.




What Price Will You Pay? by Chajay Wise 

I am the epitomy of a bargain shopper. I do not believe in paying full price for anything, especially kids clothing. In my opinion kids grow too fast to spend lots of money on items they will out grow in the blink of an eye. But my husband on the other hand, loves to purchase quality items that he believes will last a life time! So when I purchase cheap jeans for our boys I often find myself frustrated two weeks later thinking in my mind, “you get what you pay for”, as I try to patch up knee holes from boisterous boys. If only I had paid the higher price for the jeans with the more durable material, I could have saved myself time, frustration, and money in the end.

In many ways, the same is true for marriage. If you desire a strong marriage, it will come at a higher price. Great marriages don’t just happen; they are a product of two people who are willing to pay the price to invest their best! Darius and I have specific shared goals for our lives, marriage, and family. We have learned over the years that in order for our goals to be achieved, we must intentionally maintain non-negotiable priorities. One of our goals is to grow old together, while traveling the world and watching our grand kids mature. But if we don’t make a habit of connecting daily, busy schedules have a way of leading us in two separate directions.

As married couples we have two choices. We can cover up a broken marriage to look good and pay a high price of disappointment, pain, and heartbreak. Or, we can pay a high price of doing whatever it takes to build a healthy thriving marriage. Either way we will have to pay a price.

By God’s grace we have a beautiful marriage, but trust me, it came at a high price. We had to kill selfishness, set boundaries, heal from past hurts, disappointments from people, and trust God. And now, because of the price we were willing to pay first, we are experiencing deeper love, commitment, incredible happiness, and constant support for one another!

So I ask you……What price are you willing to pay for the marriage you want?


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