You have a toolkit for your car.

You have a toolkit for the house.

But do you have a GO-TO toolkit for your marriage? If not, no worries! You know we have your back!

Below you will find resources to help you and your spouse IMPROVE your romance! These resources are quick, fun and informative and just the thing to help you and your spouse on your journey!

We encourage you to take some time each week to choose one of the options below. Print out each document, save it in a binder and before you know it, you and your spouse will have your GO-TO Resource to keep your marriage on track!


It’s super easy to put your romance on the back-burner. We’ve all been there because LIFE happens! But the key is to not STAY there! Check out the 15 Fun & Easy Ways to Connect with your spouse! You are going to have a blast! Click HERE!

20 Ways to WIN in your Marriage

It is our goal to help you and your spouse WIN in your marriage! And we aren’t leaving you hanging. Access this free download to get you and your spouse headed towards victory in your marriage!  Click HERE to access it now!


Here is the truth when it comes to your marriage. You can’t grade your own paper! So if you want to know if you are meeting your spouse’s needs, it’s important that you don’t play the guessing game! Our challenge to you is that you have the courage to simply ASK! Click HERE to gain access to this resource. 


Do you think you know your spouse? Well, let’s see! Click HERE and take the quiz and don’t forget to follow our social media sites and let us know you do! So much fun!