4 things couples should do midway through the year

We've hit the halfway mark in the

We’ve hit the halfway mark of the year and this is the perfect time to pause and reflect on the first half of the year and prepare for the second half! Below are 4 things every couple should do right now to help them stay on track!

 1.  Take time to do a Relationship Pre-Mortem Exam.

If you look up the term “pre-mortem” you will see that it is a concept often used in business. Companies often identify what could cause a project to fail and then work backwards to make sure that it doesn’t. This is a great concept to apply to your own marriage. It sounds morbid but it’s actually proactive. Think through what issues could could kill your marriage & make sure you address them before they do.

 2. Take time to REVISIT or complete your Strategic Plan

I am often surprised at how many couples go through their marriage without a written vision for their short and long term goals. If you have not developed a strategic plan, it’s not too late. Click HERE to gain access to a template that will help you. If you did complete a strategic plan, this is a great time to revisit. Regardless if you are doing one for the first time or revisiting a previous plan, here are 4 questions to help shape your conversation:

  1. So far this year, what has gone right personally, professionally and in our relationship?
  2. What hasn’t gone that well and in what ways do we need to adjust?
  3. When we started this year, we had goals and plans but as the year as evolved things have changed. What goals do you need to let go of?
  4. Many times as things involve, we need to make adjustments. What goals do we need to add?

 3. Schedule a 24 – hour get away

Put away the phone. Find a babysitter. Leave the computer at home. You and your spouse should find some time to just be together. We often unintentionally neglect our marriage and it’s often because we’ve gotten so caught up in our day to day lives. It is fixable by simply being intentional and making it a point to get away!

4. Engage in a hobby or activity together

Researchers have found that couples that work together on a project of have similar interest feel a stronger connection than those that don’t. Make a commitment to reorganize the garage, paint the guest room or take up tennis lessons. Do something that allows the two of you to work towards a similar goal!


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