Episode 21

You’ve heard me mention the Couples Connection which includes the Wives Intensive! Well, guess what!? During this episode you will get a SNEAK PEEK of the ENTIRE Wives Intensive! The Wives Intensive is comprised of SIX Sessions all focused on “Taming your Tongue”! 3 of the sessions are taught by Robin and the other 3 are taught by the Couples Connection Wife Coaches!

During this podcast, you will get to hear a snippet from all 6 sessions!

During this episode we will discuss:

• What does the Bible say about Taming your Tongue?

• How your upbringing (what you saw from mama ‘nem) impacts your marriage

• Why you have to check your own responses, despite what your spouse does

• The process of forgiveness after a betrayal – Yes it’s possible!

• Your call as a wife is not just about you

• The danger of an undisciplined mouth

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