Episode 16

Yes, we are going THERE! It’s time to have “The talk”! Let’s Talk about Sex!

I am often surprised at how Christians view sex. It is often on two different spectrums – – – either NO discretion or a bit frigid…and I believe both extremes hinder our connection with our spouse.

During this episode we are going to discover a few things that the CREATOR of sex (you know…GOD!) had in mind for sex, 3 purposes of sex and the different types of intimacy. We are also going to dive into what hinders our intimacy and what we can do about it. We will end with a suggestion that I think we all need to consider – – – a “Sex-cation”! I am going to share with what a “sex-cation” is and indicators you and your spouse need one!

Plus, I am super excited about our freebie! It’s a fun quiz called “So you THINK you know your spouse”. I can’t wait to see how you do on the quiz! To grab your freebie go to : www.ibelieveinmarriage.com/episode16