Episode 15

Is YOUR mindset messing up your marriage? In this episode we are diving into a fancy clinical term: Cognitive Distortions. Another word for Cognitive Distortions is simply “Stinking Thinking”. During this episode I will help you identify how the way we THINK can directly impact how we FEEL and then how our FEELINGS dictate what we do! If you have been wondering why a simple question you spouse asks you can send you over, THIS episode is for you!

I am going to break down what a cognitive distortion is, I am going to share with you why it is so very important that you decipher between your thoughts and your feelings, we are going to break down how one simply statement can take you down a rabbit trail in your communication and we will wrap up with me sharing FIVE COMMON Mindsets that may be messing up your marriage! As promised in this episode you can click link below to get access to all 15 Cognitive Distortions from Psych Central (Robin May has no affiliation with the website: psychcentral.com/lib/15-common-co…ive-distortions/ )

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