Episode 14

Ever wondered what is the secret to those couples who always seem happy? You know the ones that we respond to their posts with #RelationshipGoals? How do they maintain their happy? Do they ever have real issues? Is it possible to have a happy marriage after dealing with real life challenges?

Well in today’s podcast we are going to define what it means to be a HAPPY in your relationship. We will review a great definition for a healthy / happy relationship, identify the 3 characteristics that expert say will create a strong relationship, we will discuss the myths of Happy Couples and we will discuss what men and women need to be happy. We will end with the 12 Principles of Happy Couples!

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As promised, you can also download right away a GREAT definition for Healthy Couples by clicking this link: ibelieveinmarriage.com/wp-content/up…ps_Coping.pdf