For Couples


Seven Secrets to a Successful Romance

During this power-packed session couples will learn the 7 principles every relationship must adhere to in order to facilitate growth and stability.  Couples are taught the importance of intimacy, strategic planning, submission and communication! Couples are led through various exercises to help them assess where they are and are given the tools to move to where they need to be!

Building Your Marriage as Winning Team

Most people long to know that the person they are married to is on their team and that they are headed towards victory. But what they often miss is that there are steps you need to take to build your marriage as a winning team.  In this seminar, participants are taught what a team is, habits of losing teams, how to build your team to win and how to be the MVP – most valuable player – on the team!

Intentional Intimacy for Married Couples

Understanding that many times a couples physical intimacy is impacted way before they head to the bedroom, couples are taught what true intimacy really is! Couples are then challenged to consider what decisions, habits or past hurts are hindering them from fully connecting intimately with their partner.  Couples are also taught practical strategies to reignite the intimacy in their relationship.

Build & Not Destroy – What TO do, what NOT to do

Enough is enough of continuing to perpetuate behavior that destroys instead of builds! During this session couples are given very practical and applicable pointers as to what they should and should not do in order to maintain a healthy relationship.  From learning how unhealthy criticism eats away at the foundation of your relationship to the importance of reminding yourself as to why you said “I Do” in the first place, couples leave this session empowered and equipped!

Before You Take His Name – Before You Give Her Yours

Many married couples joined together without a firm foundation. During this seminar geared towards singles & or dating couples, attendees are challenged to answer very poignant, purpose and powerful questions about themselves (& even the person they are dating) to ensure that they are ready for the next level!

For Women


You are the STAR of your own STORY

For far too long many of us have allowed our understudy to get top billing in our lives. But enough is enough. It is time for each of us to take center stage in the story of our own lives.  During this seminar women will be guided through the journey of returning to their rightful place as the star of their own story!

It’s time to R.E.S.E.T.

Often we find ourselves living life on such a fast pace that we often get off track or we get stuck. During this seminar, women are taught the 5 ingredients to hitting “reset” in order to gain forward momentum! After this session, women will be empowered to finish what they’ve started in every area of their lives.

The Pathway to Purpose

Most women long to say “yes” to the call God has for them, but many times they simply don’t know the steps to take.  In this powerful seminar, Life Coach & Therapist Robin May guides women through the 7 steps to help them move from where they are to where God has called them to be!

Embracing the ‘Couture’ Life

God was the original couture designer! He has crafted and created a customized life for each of us.  But so many of us are too busy trying to live life like everyone else, instead of living the couture life that fits us perfectly.  Women will be taught the 7 components of the couture life and what it takes to experience God’s design for them!

The Purpose Project

Designed as a 2-day workshop, participants are lead through God’s Word and mandate for Believers.  The Believer is also taught how to identify the ‘theme’ for their life; they will discover their core beliefs and identify their personality trait, spiritual gift and motivational gifts.  Each participant will also be taught how to articulate the vision God has for them clearly enough to help them move forward in their destiny.