About Me

“Ibelieveinmarriage.com” is a networking site focused on bringing a community of people together who still believe in marriage. Even though some statistics state that over 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce, we still believe in marriage!

Even though we live in a society that does not encourage characteristics such as perseverance, long suffering, and sacrifice, we realize that those are the very things that will hold our marriages together.

We believe God ordained marriage and that submitting to God’s order is ultimately the only thing that can keep our marriages together.

We believe that you can learn how to have a healthy marriage / relationship long before you say “I do”.

We believe that even if we’ve had negative experiences in the past, there is still power in the connection between a godly man and woman joining together as one.

We believe that what God has joined together – let no man tear asunder!

We believe in marriage!

Through our network we will commit to being:

REAL – None of us are floating on angels wings. We aren’t perfect. We make mistakes. But we are committed to surrendering ourselves to God so we can be restored!

RELEVANT – We are governed by God’s Word and we will work to make His principles of marriage as practical as possible to those we connect with.

RELATIONAL – We were not made to live without strong, supportive and intimate relationships. Building a support team of people that believe in marriage (and strong relationships) is critical to our success.

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