What in the world is a Couples Playbook & why would I want it?

We interchange the term "Playbook" & Strategic Plan but the name doesn't matter. The end result is what we care about & we are sure you do too! 

The playbook is THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to helping you & your spouse, once and for all, land on the same page! 

The Playbook/Strategic Plan is an extensive template that guides you and your spouse through creating specific, actionable and measurable goals for the two of you individually, as a couple and your overall goals as a family. This plan is a step by step guide with specific categories and questions to help the two of you create a strategy for your marriage.  

This guide is THE ROADMAP for you and your spouse to create the marriage you truly desire...To help you both experience mutual marriage satisfaction. 

Imagine this...Seriously...I want you to envision this: Imagine you and your spouse being on one accord, assisting one another with your personal goals & working (as a team) towards your family goals, knowing in advance how (and when) you will intentionally invest in your marriage, being on the same page with your financial goals.

THAT is what you can experience by using this template to create the ULTIMATE playbook for your marriage! 


• Complete overview of a Strategic Plan & how it can specifically impact your marriage. • An overview of what it means to be a “TEAM” and the critical components for building your marriage as a WINNING team! • Step by Step Guide to completing a Strategic Plan for your marriage. • Frequently asked questions to help you sort through your plan. • A Sample template of a completed strategic plan to help guide you in creating your own. • BONUS! 3 Directional videos to help support you along the way!  

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Your Marriage Deserves this investment

Video 1

What is a Strategic Plan and how can it help my marriage?

Video 2

Common pitfalls and how to avoid them!

Video 3

5 Tips to build your marriage as a winning team!

"My wife Robin is the queen of marriage enrichment. If it were up to her we would be doing a brand new "Something" every other day. Whether it's an assessment, a quiz, an online training or a conference, she lives and breathes this stuff not just for other folk, but for us as well. But out of everything we've done over the years, the Strategic Plan is probably the one that gets me the most excited! So much so, Robin will probably admit that I refer to it and insist that we do it even more than she does! This has been a game changer for us. I am a firm believer that every couple needs to get their hands on it." - Lee 


“I didn’t want to do it. I just have to be honest. I told my wife I felt put on the spot about it and she knows I do not like feeling forced. She left it alone and just asked me to read over it and asked me to at least watch the first video. I did and decided we might as well give it a try. I am so glad we did. I even watched the other two videos as well. I gotta give it to Robin. This was cool."

Chris D.


“This process was the real deal! I have to keep it real, the first time we tried it, it went bad really fast. I felt frustrated & was ready to give up on it. But I remembered ome of the take-aways that Robin had given and we tried it again. Whew! What a difference the second time made! We got through it and it was great!”

Janelle A.