Work with Robin

I would love to partner with you and your spouse (or significant other) on your journey!

  1. You can follow our Instagram page for DAILY encouragement and enlightenment! I am there every day engaging with everyone! Click HERE! You can also connect with me via the “I Believe in Marriage” Facebook page by clicking HERE!


  1. Are you a member of an organization (church, sorority, work network, etc) that is looking for a speaker? Click HERE to request me for your next event!


  1. If you are interested in more personalized support, there are 4 options:
  • Individual or Couples Counseling: Click HERE and fill out the requested information and our office will respond with 48 hours to walk you through the process of scheduling a counseling session.
  • Customized Relationship Assessment (CRA): Using the Prepare Enrich model, I will help you and your spouse get clear on your relationship strengths and areas of growth and will make a suggestion as to whether you and your spouse (or fiancé’) should consider marriage counseling or coaching. Based on your location I will be able to make a referral that suits you and your spouse.  Click HERE to sign up!
  • The Couples Connection Resource Center: The Couples Connection is your virtual home that allows you and your spouse to pause long enough to prioritize your marriage. Within the Couples Connection you and your spouse will be taken through very specific sessions for both of you as a couple and for each of you separately. Click HERE to learn more!
  • Relationship Parties: Do you remember the old school Tupperware Parties? This is very similar yet instead of pushing Tupperware, I will be there to serve as your Relationship Coach! Gather your couple friends, get some grub and let’s grow together! To learn more, click HERE.