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5 Reasons Communication with your Spouse Goes Wrong and 7 Changes you can Make to get it Right!

Ever wonder why even with your best intentions, conversations with your spouse goes off the rails? 

Do you get frustrated because it seems like no matter what you say, your spouse hears something completely different? 

Have you ever wondered if you and your spouse are even speaking the same language?

Listen, I’ve been there and I know how exacerbating it can be! But I also know WHY it happens and WHAT you can do to fix it! I’ve seen a DRAMATIC change in the way my spouse and I communicate using these strategies and I’ve helped hundreds of couples do the same!

Join me for this LIVE Training so that I can help you and your spouse COMMUNICATE better so that you can CONNECT more! 

Wait - - - I know what some of you are saying: Robin, there is no way my spouse is going to listen to this webinar! But trust me - - - while this information is VITAL for BOTH of you, what I am going to share will still help YOU make a shift and when one person changes, the relationship can definitely change!

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Training Session

With Life Coach & Licensed Therapist Robin May

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In This Free Training, You'll Learn:

- FIVE Reasons your Communication goes wrong and SEVEN changes YOU can make to get it right!

- Why even the most "innocent" conversations can potentially send you and your spouse into a heated debate or one big misunderstanding!

- How to identify YOUR role in the communication challenges you face in your relationship. (Remember, we all contribute to any chaos in our own lives.)

- TWO MYTHS many marriage experts teach that may actually be making your communication worse!

(Hint: One of the myths is a misunderstood Scripture that trips many of us up!)

- THREE Questions you can ask yourself that can DRAMATICALLY and IMMEDIATELY change how you speak to your spouse!

Join Us & STAY 'till the end! 

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