Seven Secrets to a Successful Romance



Are you and your spouse at a martial ‘stalemate” and need help reigniting your romance?  Have you been seeking answers but often feel like you are left with the same questions you had in the beginning?  Does your spouse refuse to go to counseling or seek additional marital support but you know without some type of intervention your future is in trouble? Have you and your spouse fallen into the rut of being more like roommates than a couple but you don’t know what it will take to make a change?

If any of the above describes your marriage, then this Virtual 4-Week AUDIO base Course is PERFECT for you!  This is the NO-EXCUSES answer to your situation!  This Audio Course is for the couple (or person) that is “On-the-go”, busy but wants to invest in their marriage. Each week you will receive access to a powerful lesson geared towards you learning strategies to improve your relationship.  Review the information below and then ask yourself one simple question: Is my marriage worth the minimal financial and time investment that’s required to take our romance to the next level?

“Seven Secrets to a Successful Romance” 4 week AUDIO-base Course

Participants will receive a 4-part powerful series on the Seven Secrets of a Successful Romance.  Sessions will be delivered via a link to the participants email.  Each session includes an audio that can be downloaded to the device of your choice (NOTE: Sessions will be sent via email on a weekly basis, for 4 weeks)

During the course participants will:

•             Discover how taking responsibility for their ‘stuff’ can transform their relationship

•             Learn how to practically apply scripture in order to develop a truly healthy marriage

•             Once and for all learn how to be on one accord with sexual intimacy

BONUS: Wives will receive a FREE copy of “The 30 Day Intentional Intimacy Project”!

Couples are encouraged to complete ONE lesson per WEEK, which would allow them to complete the entire 4-part series in a month.

Do you want to know the most frequently asked question about this course? See below:

  • What if my spouse does not want to go through the course? Well, take a deep breath! You are not alone. Many of the people who go through the course go through it alone, so even if your spouse doesn’t participate you can still gain insight from the program.