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12 Things Happy Couples Know

By Robin May 12 Things Happy Couples Know! “What can someone else tell me about my marriage?” “I don’t believe in letting people in my business” “Just because it works for them, doesn’t mean it will work for us” These are just a few of the statements that I have heard over the years as […]

Married and Lonely?

By Robin May Several years ago, “Psychology Today” reported that 62% of married people reported being lonely even though they lived with their spouse. I can imagine that percentage being a surprise to many but it actually does not come as a surprise to me. Like others who frequently work with couples, we know that […]

9 Surprising Ways You’re Lying to Your Husband

Blog Taken from MSN (Visit our Facebook page to share your thoughts on this article! Click HERE!) Discover the secrets women keep that can strain a marriage. Of course you shy away from outright dishonesty with your husband—what kind of relationship would that be? Still, lies of omission can cause just-as-serious marriage problems. From ignoring […]